06 January 2006

mea culpa

Okay, first off, I am ever so sorry for staying away for so long. First Christmas. Then New Year's. And sick with yucky upper-respiratory junk the whole time.

Still have the upper-respiratory junk. I keep wondering, "HOW can this still be coming out of me?? How? How?"

Bill and I have recently put together an official household budget (something that was done informally since we got married but needed to be solidified so I didn't feel like I was nailing jell-o to the wall everytime I went to Wal-Mart). The thing that has been so shocking is how many "mandatory" expenses we have. When did everything that is closely remoted to our lives start having to be insured? Why is basic cable so expensive? How can we eat out THAT much in a month?

I know that in a few months, it will feel old-hat and normal, but right now, I am secretly trying to cut back in small ways hoping that they'll add up to an extra mortgage payment between now and the end of the year...turn off all the lights behind me when I leave a room (even if Bill's still in it), feed Sunny a half-packet less a day (he is extremely portly and it probably should be done anyway), and freezing chicken in 3 separate freezer baggies so we won't be tempted to use the whole package in one sitting for just the two of us.


SlushTurtle said...

Budgets are no fun. I am constantly amazed at how much I spend at WalMart. I think I may be paying one executive salary all by myself! It doesn't help that my fat baby goes through 5 containers of expensive organic milk a week... he better grow up to be worth it. =)

Karen said...

ha ha! i'm sure he will.

and really, an executive wal-mart salary isn't saying that much. :(

SlushTurtle said...

You need to check out my current post- you are a featured player in it. =)

Karen said...

Am quite honored!

Superchikk said...

I am a budget freak and Husband is a spending freak. It may help to go on the cash system for a while.

Although it's not fun, we've found that we CAN live within whatever budget we decide on. We used to make a lot more money than we do now, and still managed to spend every penny. It's whatever you're used to, really.

Shelli said...

Good for you!! We are now in the same boat. It ain't so bad...especially when you see success.

Ps...thanks for the chest cold, I've been coughing up goo for quite sometime now, and the sniffles family have moved in too. Yuck!

Karen said...

I am SOOOOO sorry. It's horrible, and apparently, the most contagious bug that ever swarmed the face of this earth. I'm just now feeling better. I totally thought I wasn't contagious when you came over.

Bill has been sarcastically thanking me for it every day. Bleghh.