15 January 2006

bizarro day

Yesterday was so odd...in a good way. Somedays, I just need to take a little step out of the ordinary.

Bill and I decided to go watch Walk the Line at the local (small, old, decrepit, but cheap! movie theater). Bill got in line, bought tickets to the "Walk the Line 4:00 showing". I put that in quotes as that is exactly what he said. Then, bought an overpriced Coke, took ticket to the stub guy who proceeded to say, "That movie's to your left, and oh, yeah, they changed the 4:00 show to Rumor Has It." Thought I misheard him and said, "No, we just bought this ticket, and it is to the 4:00 showing of Walk the Line." He looks through some papers, and indeed they have just arbitrarily changed one showing to Rumor Has It. Well, rumor has it that I have no desire to watch that movie, so we asked for our money back and left. To top the bizarreness of it, absolutely NO ONE was apologetic. They kept looking at us as if we were crazy/demented/picky because we didn't want to sit through a romantic comedy that has gotten consistently awful reviews rather than the movie we had JUST PURCHASED TICKETS to watch, a delightful biopic of the life of Johnny Cash. Bizarre, bizarre!

So left said movie theater and entered into a rousing round of "Waddya wanna do? I don't know. Wadda YOU wanna do?"

Then, Bill remembered interesting news story I had seen about local turn of the century town, Monte Ne, that was submerged under water in the 1940's when man-made lake was created, and due to the very low water levels because of recent drought, the ruins of this city are now visible and you can go look at them. But will only be visible for short amount of time as water levels will inevitably rise and cover these ruins.

They made it sound like Atlantis!!

So we hop into the car and drive in general direction of where ruins would probably be. After much wandering around, finally find it (actually in most obvious place, just past current sad, sad town of Monte Ne). Bizarre, bizarre!!!

Floods of people were there. There must have been at least 100 cars. I expected to see a couple people, mostly elderly (who could remember initial existence of town) but instead it was mostly teenagers, young hip college students, and families. Half the people were pointing excitedly to a truck submerged in mud (couldn't have been more than 20 year-old model and not rusty at all, so perhaps just recently swallowed up by mud??) Rest of people were walking around and looking and pointing to old stone hotel. In news story, they had filmed it from quite a distance so it looked like a stately old Victorian hotel. The structure in front of my eyes, though, was covered in years upon years worth of vulgar graffiti, and teenage boys were guffawing and taking their picture next to the building, pointing at different savory phrases and making vulgar remarks.

From a distance, I saw some sort of interesting stone monument that had presumably actually been underwater, but at that point, Bill was too weirded out by whole situation and asked to leave.

On the way home, he said, "Walked the Golden Gate Bridge, Stood at the feet of the Statue of Liberty, Touched the Ruins of Monte Ne", and I got very sad and said, "All I've ever done is touch the ruins of Monte Ne." To which he replied, "We'll go to New York sometime...although I don't think you can actually go right up to the Statue of Liberty anymore, and I don't think you'd want to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. It sways a lot and it would probably be scary for you."

So poop on that. Maybe my husband will take me to Atlantis in the Bahamas for our 10 year anniversary.


Shelli said...

You went to Monte Ne and left before seeing the underwater ampitheater??? Silly girl and boy.

Hey...for the record...I'm still way way way UP for a random trip to NYC!!!

Sara said...

So, not believing in use of articles in blog grammer?

Am I getting this straight, there are two Monte Nes? To be honest, I didn't even know there was one monte ne?

Karen said...

i had a lot of thoughts in my head and there was no time to get the articles out.

no, just one sad monte ne. a portion of it was covered in water.

Abbey said...

Saw that you agreed with me on the tooth brushing discussion on Shelli's blog and thought, "Well, who doesn't want to read about someone that agrees with me?" Hahahaha!

Anyhoo...I'll agree with your husband on the walking of the Golden Gate... Granted, I don't know you from Adam (or Eve, in this case)...but I live maybe 45 minutes away from the GG and I have no desire to walk across it. It really has little to do with the swaying and more to do with the INSANE drivers that live here. I could go on for days about these insane speed demons, but I'll spare you my tirade. : )

Coastal Cali

Lisa said...

what? No pictures of Monte Ne???

And oh Lordy I've been to Atlantis in the Bahamas, and all I can say is YOU HAVE to make him take you ;-)