08 February 2006

the big rebuke

it's official...i've gotten the big rebuke from my friend melissa for not writing in my blog.

in my defense, work has reached new heights of crazy busy-ness. i've been working a bunch of 10-12 hour days and i've worked the past 3 saturdays, so, quite frankly, the last thing i want to do when i get home is turn the computer back on.

which is unfortunate as i've had many interesting and fun observations with such hecticity going on around me, but now they're all forgotten.

oh, this is fun...bill and i got a kayak. it's actually more a cross between a canoe and a kayak, so it's kind of a canayak. or a kayoe. bill insisted on taking it out on our lake last weekend in the chilly cold, and he intends to take it out again this weekend in the frigid cold. i am looking forward to the boating...IN THE SUMMER. where it belongs. but i respect and support his boating. when i didn't know how steady the boat was and was worrying about him falling in all weekend, my little sister sara tried to comfort me by saying that studies have shown that people who participate in icy polar-bear swims have no ill effects, and if anything, there is a positive effect on the heart as it gets the blood pumping. unfortunately, it didn't make me feel much better as i envisioned my husband plummeting to the depths of the murky cold water. but it IS a very steady boat, and it's brought him a lot of joy, so que sera sera.


mel said...

wow i've been referenced in three blogs lately
granted one was your sister and one was my sister
but does that make me some sort of blog celeb?

blogosphere gadfly, melissa

i like the sound of that!

also, doug has all the info on canoeing in the area. maybe we can go together sometime. We have a canoe and a little kayak. fun stuff!

Karen said...

that would be fun!

Hillary said...

Woohoo! Karen's back! :) AND she got a kayak! WOOT!

I LOVE kayaking. I always dream of getting a kayak, but the ocean kayaks are super expensive, especially once you get all the gear and everything. I can always rent!

Congrats on your new purchase! :) (And yeah, Im thinking boating right now would be a little chilly in Arkansas! - you ARE in Arkansas, right?)