28 February 2006

Not so eagle eyes

Well, I've always prided myself on my excellent long-range vision, but i sincerely missed the mark on this one. Bill and I drove to Dallas for the weekend (it was really just one day, but we both desperately needed to get away from the area and recharge the ol' batteries).

So anyway, as we're driving through the deeps of South Oklahoma, I got all excited because I realized we were going to pass the "Penn & Teller" casino. The last time I was driving through Oklahoma (with Shelli, Justin, and my little sis Sara), I saw this sign from a distance, and thought it was Penn & Teller. They all thought I was crazy, but Bill saw the resemblence from a distance. Of course, he is also in need of LASIK. So let's take a vote. Am I crazy/blind OR do the Chief and Vice Chief of the Choctaw tribe look a smidge like Penn & Teller? (Actually, upon closer inspection, I think that the Vice Chief looks like John Candy.

Imagine it from a distance...maybe squint your eyes a little.


Sara said...

well, if by similar you mean that one has dark hair and one has light hair, then yes.

But then it could also be argued that I look like Wonder Woman.

Hillary said...

I didn't know who Penn and Teller was, but I did a google image search, and yeah, I could see that resemblance. But the John Candy thing... whoa! That resemblance is really close!

Don't worry, you're not crazy! (Eitehr that, or we're BOTH crazy, we'll see!)

Ellen said...

looks like the eHarmony guy and Horatio Sanz to me.

Shelli said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! Oh...I remember that!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I am cracking up. I don't know which of these answers is funniest, but I can sure see why you would think the one was Penn.

shay v. said...

hey, with the squinty eyes, it's like their dopplegangers! =)