03 March 2006

Bad Dog part...what is this part 5?

So I was working away in my ol' home office this morning, and I realized that things were a little too quiet upstairs, so I headed up to see what Santino Bambino was up to. I was expecting him to be curled up on his doggy bed or sprawled out on a sunspot on the tile, but no. No, my 85 pound lab "mix" (light on the lab, heavy on the mix) was just happy as a clam sitting on the sofa. He is SO not allowed on the furniture.

So I stared at him with a look of shock thinking, "surely he'll jump down now that he sees me." No. He CLOSES HIS EYES to continue his nap. So I walk over to the sofa and say, "Sunny, down." No response. He finally got down with a "Down!" and a finger pointing.

At that point, he knew he was in trouble, and his tail was tucked down so far it looked like a soup ladle, so I gave him a little pat on the head and explained in the sweetest terms possible that he is an extremely untrustworthy dog and this is why he isn't allowed free reign of the house while no one's here.

I'm not sure but I think he was whispering doggy expletives under his breath at me.


Superchikk said...

I so feel your pain. Both of my dogs try to get on the furniture all the time, and sometimes test my patience under the guise of chasing each other and bounding across the couch.

Hillary said...

My dog is not be allowed upstairs except for the little patch if ceramic tile by the door off the deck. Back in the olden days, if she wanted up there, she'd have to be let out downstairs and go up around the outside. She occasionally tried sneaking up the stairs, but would be TOTALLY busted and look soooo guilty if she was caught. And she'd only try it if there was no-one home or if it was my siblings or I. She had a holy fear of my parents.


She got really sick a while ago, and is now better, but it took a lot out of her, including the holy fear, apparently. She now saunters up the inside stairs, right past mom and/or dad, and plops herself down in her little corner. I was shocked when I was hoem for a visit a few weeks ago. No guilt, no shame, no remorse. She's grown brazen in her old age!

Ha ha, I love pets. Even when they misbehave you still gotta love them!

Shelli said...

Hee hee!

mel said...

doggie expletives! HA ha! is that where the term doggerel comes from?

yeah, i crack myself up