22 March 2006

desk explosion

There's something about cleaning up your own mess that's just extremely difficult. I can remember growing up, I would enjoy going into my sisters' rooms and helping them clean up their stuff, rummage through their junk and be painfully, brutally honest about it being crap. But somehow, that micro-chip is missing in my brain for my own stuff. If I were at someone else's house today, and they said, "Hey, let's go through this pile of stuff and you can help me organize", I would think, "Ohhhh, fun, fun!" But looking at the several piles on my desk and hearing the voice in my head say, "Hey, you should go through this pile of stuff and get it organized", all I can think back is "shut up! shut up!"

And the ironic thing is that I feel sooooo much better after getting organized and throwing stuff away. I feel like my life is just a little more under control and I can breathe easier. But does that mean that I'm tackling one little pile rather than blogging about how much I hate doing it? Nope.


Shelli said...


Hillary said...

oh my dear... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting that! That is soooo how I feel and what I do! And here I am blogsurfing nd commenting when I shouold be donig about a bazillion other things. I second Shelli - ORGANIZE SHMORGANIZE!

Sara said...

Well, funny you should talk about going into your sisters' room and organizing because my first good cleanup in months was caused by my roommate doing the same thing you always did. "When is the last time you used this label maker?" "How old is this candy?" "Do you really need to have eight at the same time?"

Maybe you just need a little accountability partner for these explosive times.

Karen said...

yeah, bill's way too supportive at times like this. i need someone who's going to mock me and harass me a bit.

all in the name of love, of course.