13 January 2006

hot diggity dog

I had one of those nights last night in which I had very vivid dreams (not unusual) and remembered almost all of them upon waking (rather unusual) because I had been kicked awake so frequently during the night by my dog who was allowed to sleep on top of our bed as a treat (highly unusual). The reason he was allowed to sleep on top of the bed was because he got scared by the thunderstorm and consequently peed behind the couch. Bill and I then yelled at him very loudly and put him in his cage, and when I let him out of said cage to go to the bathroom one more time before bed, he was very sulky and sullen, so Bill decided to let him sleep on top of our bed to reassure him of our love. Of course, Bill wasn't the one that he was intermittently nuzzling up against and kicking the entire night, was he?

But to be honest, I wasn't feeling very loving towards that dog, having just spent half an hour soaking up Lake Urine.

I have also resolved to not read In Touch Weekly before bed. One of my dreams was that I was at the doctor's office and received terrible news, and I wanted Bill to comfort me, but he was on the other side of a big glass window so I could see him but not the other way around. Finally, he saw me and motioned that he was going to come in to the room, but then he turned into Nick Lachey and left to go watch a sports game. Very upsetting.

Interesting fact about me: I was the 9th grade typing champion of our school and in 10th grade, I placed 2nd in the state competition. I peaked in ninth grade typing 120 words per minute. Sometimes, when I get bored in a movie, I mentally type out the script in my mind as they're talking. But I've never learned 10 key.


Anonymous said...

happy Blogging


Shelli said...

Ha ha ha...I could NEVER sleep with my dog!!! Indi is WAY too crazy.

Sara said...

what's 10 key?

Karen said...

the numbers...really really fast.