02 December 2005

bad doggy mother

Well, it's official...I am a bad doggy mother.

Bill and I got back from CO on late Monday night, and I went to go pick up Sunny at the dog farm on Tuesday after work. He was exceedingly happy to see me even though it's a fabulous place with radiant floor heating, large indoor/outdoor runs, and daily playtime. But he just seemed out of sorts when he got home. Not unusual. He gets in a huff when he he has to be away from home.

Wednesday...still out of sorts, but I was working from home, so he pretty much just laid around. I thought, "oh, how sweet. He's just exhausted from his stay at the dog farm."

Thursday...still out of sorts. "Is he sick? Is it just the colder weather??"

Thursday night, right before bedtime...I realize he's limping. That's right! It took me 2 days to realize that my dog is strongly favoring one of his back legs.

And that's where I am right now--I'm just observing him (not much to observe as he's just laid around most of the day today). If he isn't doing better by Monday, he'll take a trip to the vet.

I don't think that it's broken because he's still able to run on it, jump up and stand on just his back legs, and get up and down the stairs and bend it somewhat. But maybe it's a stress fracture? Or just a sprain or strain? Should I put ice on it or try to keep him from running around and going up and down the stairs? I don't know anything about dog physiology...can anyone help??


the SmockLady said...

Ok, just hopped over from Ellen's and I am not a vet but I used to work for one. Ha! Remember that commercial, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV . . ."? I always laughed at that. Anyway, what kind of dog is it? Some smaller breed dogs have this thing that goes on with their knee in back. It's a ligament moving hurting kind of thing - I forgot what it's called. It can come and go and sometimes require surgery. But of course there are any number of things that could cause the limp. I definitely take doggie dear to the vet Monday if not better by then. Hope doggie gets better soon. Maybe you should give him a Hoops or YoYo to sleep with. HEHEHE.

Shelli said...

Does he have a splinter or broken toe nail?