07 December 2005

bad sushi

In case the title is not "enough said."

Mistake #1: I bought it at the mall

Mistake #2: My first thought was "a California roll's not supposed to be sweet."

Mistake #3: After third piece, I thought, "This does not taste good to me. I should stop eating it." But I didn't.

Mistake #4: The third to last piece, I realized that there was mayonaise in it, yet I kept eating. (Please, Lord, let it have been mayo and not something worse.)

Mistake #5: A half hour later, I still have the yucky taste in my mouth, yet I haven't run upstairs to wash my mouth out with something trustworthy, say, a vanilla coke (soon to be discontinued, by the way).

I had nothing else to eat for lunch and I was very hungry. Now, I'm just experiencing some gastro-intestinal distress and regret. To quote Earl's ex-mother-in-law from last night's, "My Name is Earl": Don't you judge me!!


Ellen said...

I'm glad it was you and not me. I've been debating whether to try the mall sushi for a month, and now I know.

Although I must point out that Bill was wrong about them not putting in another food place in the court because everyone is moving to the Galleria.

Ellen said...

That was a good Earl episode, by the way. I loved when their friend was giving her fake social security number and she said, "Uh...1...2...3...9... uh, 14..."

Ellen said...

Wait, one more thing... no more Vanilla Coke?!!! What?!

sarah j. said...

oh no!! That could have been dangerous!

Karen said...

no mall sushi for any of my friends!! it is a bad, bad thing!

yes, they are getting rid of vanilla coke. bill and i stocked up a few 12 packs thinking "this will last us a long time". nope. we're almost out.

oh how i'll miss that sweet substance!

Ellen said...

You could always just add vanilla syrup to it, lazy girl.

Shelli said...

sorry about the sushi. (but, come on...sushi...in a mall?)

...NO VANILLA COKE??????????


Karen said...

i can never get the mixture between vanilla and coke right! coke has perfected it, and now they are yanking away their knowledge.

evil empire! why would you introduce someone to something that tastes so much like heavenly nectar only to yank it away when they are least suspecting it??

anna said...

Mall sushi sounds like a good idea waiting to go wrong. Try the Rice Village over on Dickson street.They have some really good sushi.