12 November 2005


I'm the saver. Bill's the spender. Neither of us is over-the-top extreme in these areas, save in one.


Bill does not like to use soap slivers. Not even just when it gets down to tiny, tiny soap slivers. He doesn't like using the soap once it's not a hearty bar. I, on the other hand, was raised on the slivers. I learned the art of pressing slivers together with my fist to make a new "bar" (sort of). So, lo and behold, it became a sliver of an issue when we first got married.

The compromise?

Bill replaces the soap bar whenever he dang well pleases, but he puts the sliver in a little tupperware dish for me. I save up the slivers and melt them to make a new bar. I do not, under any circumstances, force him to use the reconstituted soap (or watch Jane Austen movies, but that is neither here nor there...that's just a vow I made for myself before I ever met him...learned from my father--never make a man watch Jane Austen movies, too cruel.)


Superchikk said...

That is hilarious. Husband and I have that same debate. We used soap until it melted into oblivion...he is ready to get rid of the bar just about as soon as the letters have worn off. Glad to know I'm not alone in my miserly use of soap.
(I'm Sarah J's friend, BTW)

Karen said...

Welcome, Sarah J's friend.

I do have to admit, the reconstituted soap is kind of gross...but it's a good compromise.

M&Co. said...

I make my own soap, so I'm all into using it all up.

Can't you put the slivers on the new bars and both be happy? He has a new bar, you don't waste the slivers.