11 November 2005

christmas comes but twice a year...

well, the juicer is here ( my christmas present), and it's not quite what i was expecting.


so i wanted a glass of fresh orange juice this morning...what to do? what to do? oh, i don't know, maybe toss three whole oranges in and have a glass of fresh, fresh o.j. 2 minutes later!

the one thing about juicing is if it's been a while since you've put anything healthy into your body (and i mean anything...i ate a hostess cupcake for breakfast the other morning), it's a bit of shell shock to your body.

i just ingested more nutrients with that one glass of orange juice than i've probably had all month, not counting vitamins.

tonight...pear & sweet potato juice. scoff if you will! it's actually very good. and you don't get much healthier than raw sweet potatoes.


Sara said...

Okay, you don't know how excited I am to go over to your house now. Oh, the possibilities!!! Just the ease of which you describe it makes me understand why that Jack LeLain is so darn healthy! Woot, woot for Karen's juicer (and the old one which may be coming to me).

Karen said...

yes, the old one will be your christmas present.

works fine. but s-l-o-w-w compared to the breville.

zip. there went a nectarine.