23 August 2005

What's a Celebrity to Do?

Bill always chides me when I say things like, “Oh, poor thing!” when I hear disturbing celebrity news like Katie Holmes being brainwashed, Sienna Miller getting cheated on by Jude Law, and whatever latest horrible white trash thing Britney Spears has done. I think that he views it as his mission in life to bring me back to reality and follow my sympathetic outburst up with an incredulous “Really?”

And of course, when I stop to think about it, no, they are not deserving of my sympathy. If someone was holding a gun up to each of their heads and forcing them to live a posh, pampered lifestyle and make poor relationship choices, then perhaps, they might earn a “Well, that’s disturbing.” But none of them should ever get a full-fledged “Poor thing!”

I do find one exception to this, though. I do feel bad for actors typecast as creepy, snarky people. Christopher Walken and Alan Rickman come immediately to mind. Oh, and that disturbing Steve Buscemi. Granted, they’re well-paid for it, but I would not like people to immediately think “evil” when my name came into casual conversation. And how would YOU like to know that when producers see you walk in the door, they see “evil”? But again, not a full-fledged “Poor thing!” More like… “What an unfortunate career turn.”


Ellen said...

I don't feel sorry for the evil career people. I think it would be more fun to be a evil character than a hero. Plus, those evil character types stay in the business longer. Where's Meg Ryan?

I feel sorry for the Sienna Millers. She was just living her life and her fiance cheated on her. That sucks. No fame or celebrity takes away that humiliation.

Shelli said...

What about Ron Howards brother. THAT GUY IS CREEPY!!!!!!!!! I don't even know his name...but he's really creepy.

Karen said...

i think that "ron howard's brother" will suffice. we all know that creepy man, whether or not we know his first name. in my case, "not".

Ellen said...

What? Who is Ron Howard's creepy brother?

Karen said...

you'd recognize him! he looks like ron howard, only creepy.