22 August 2005

I Hate Cancer

One of my good friends has cancer, the bad, yucky pancreatic kind (she's a lovely person with lovely things to say, you should go visit her page and pray for her).

It was a shock for her and her family and everyone who knows them. She's very healthy and vibrant, and that still shines through the yucky cancer. Her first round of chemo went well, and the cancer is responding well to it (isn't that an odd way of saying it? It makes me picture the little cancer cells poking their heads out of their little hiding holes like evil prairie dogs listening for cars going by.) I know that her body is hurting and exhaustion is constantly lurking, but I'm constantly amazed by the hope and faith that has poured out of her since the beginning of this yucky ordeal.

And that's just the only word for it, yucky.


Shelli said...

...and why the hell does it have to happen to the BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD???

I miss my mother-in-law all the time. Everytime that I iron clothes I have a little thought of her. After she passed away, I bawled and sqwaled everysingle time I ironed. Isn't that weird? Then I remembered that we had a funny moment one time in her laundry room. We were laughing at the fact that I was going to have to be the one to iron the clothes in my family because Justin (just like his father) really doesn't have a clue.

...she was awesome!

Karen said...

it totally sucks that i won't get to meet her until i get to heaven.

from everything you've told me, she would have been on my list.