05 August 2005

Random, random things about me

-I can remember where I was sitting when I first heard of Mariah Carey and heard her song “Vision of Love”. I was not impressed and still hate that song.

-I think my dog’s “pooping stance” is so cute.

-In my 27 years, I have never mowed a lawn, but I love pulling weeds.

-I wasn’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms until age 16 because my mom said it would “stunt my growth”. When I hit 5’10”, I went out and bought my own box, and then my mom started buying it in bulk at Sam’s Club.

-I’m horrible at keeping secrets.

-Sweeping and vacuuming gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

-I once ate a carrot out of a kid’s nose to try to get him to laugh.

-I touched my snotty friend Suzanne’s “American Girl” antique, minted penny in 3rd grade, just for spite.

-My favorite place to pet my dog is on his ears. I like to pull on them—they feel like silk.

-I keep a list of things that make me happy in my desk drawer, and when I start getting down in the dumps, I pull it out and make myself do one of them.

-I love it when I misjudge a book or movie and “discover” it at a later time (i.e. Harry Potter, Shawshank Redemption, Orange County, Count of Monte Cristo).

-I have more shoes than I need.

-My all-time favorite bath product was the (now discontinued) Avon roll-on colored bath soap, and I frequently look for the equivalent at Wal-Mart, but they don’t make it.

(And a special shout-out to my brother-in-law for enabling me to have subject headings on my posts!)


sarah j. said...

I wasn't allowed to eat Lucky Charms, either. Mom finally started buying it for me in High School. And then I ate it all the time until they started adding more and more marshmallows. It has gotten to a point where it is too much [too sweet] even for me.

Hillary said...

Mmm... I love silky puppy ears and Lucky Charms, too! Got to enjoy the simple pleasures in life (though I don't allow myself those sickly sweet cereals anymore... darn adulthood! ;) I'm gonna have to try that "Things that make me happy" list. What a fabulous idea! Oh, and you can NEVER have too may shoes! :P

Thanks for commenting on my blog... way to help keep me level headed! Hee hee hee! (post name: "Shoot...")

Hope you're feeling better!

Molly said...

I like your idea of keeping happy things in your drawer - I might start doing that myself!