18 August 2005

I'm going to the nut shop! Where it's FUN!

I have been accused of being an infrequent blogger. It’s true…it’s true. I won’t try to hide from it. I guess that when I sit down to write a post, this “little sister” mentality in me comes out, and I think, “Well, Ellen has the better blog. She’s the writer in the family! Why bother?” And the truth is, that’s not the point. She and I have different strengths. Always have. Always will. She sucks at math. I’m a math whiz. I couldn’t doodle my way out of a box. She’s a cartoonist. And our little sister got all the musical talent, bar none.

And the really horrible thing about it is that I prefer her blog to my own! It’s like Steve Zahn’s character in “You’ve Got Mail” when he gets sick of all the moping around at the slow bookshop where he works (i.e. my blog) and storms out saying, “I’m going to the nut shop! Where it’s FUN!”

So, oh, so sadly enough, that is how I feel about my blog. It’s not a bad little place. It’s just funner at Ellen’s. Maybe I need to establish a niche for myself. The blog for tall girls or the blog for new wives who think of their dogs as their children or the blog for people who consistently get 2 hours less sleep than they need and it’s their own dang fault.


Shelli said...

Me, you, and Sarah ALL woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

sarah j. said...

heck yes we did!!!

Lets have a poopy day party :P

halloweenlover said...

I'll sign up for the blog of women who treat their dogs like their children. I am a big culprit : )

But really, is that a bad thing? They don't talk back and they love me!

halloweenlover said...

Oops, I was going to email you, but I think maybe you don't have your address up there.

Here is the doggie spray:

Or search on google for Baby Powder Scented Dog Spray (that is how I got that link). I think maybe Petco carried it? If you look at the Amazon link it shows what it looks like, it is pretty distinctive.

I also got the wipes at Petco, but here is another link:

These wipes are GREAT. My dogs smell good after them and it doesn't affect their skin, so they don't get dry skin or flake.

Sorry to hijack the comments on a non-related topic, but hope this helps!

Shelli said...

Indi has flower scented doggie deodorant spray. BIG HELP...let me tell you!

Ellen said...

Or as Steve Zahn says in That Thing You Do-- "...looks like Lenny's going fishin'."

Karen said...

Thanks, Halloweenlover!

right now, the big task is removing the urine smell from sunny's lake of an accident on friday night.

Hillary said...

Sign me up for the "people who consistently get 2 hours less sleep than they need to and it's their own dang fault" blog. That's me to a T!

For exapmle... It's 1:07 am. I'm blogsurfing. I have a 9 am appointment tomorrow. Case in point.

I like your blog, by the way! :D