01 July 2005

Hello 3 day weekend! Normally, 3 day weekends hold much joy and relaxation for me. What could be better than fireworks, family and food? (Not necessarily in that order.)

Hmmmm…perhaps not having to spend the entire weekend halfheartedly packing your house up not knowing if/when you’re going to be able to close on the sell of it? Yes, that would do nicely. My husband and I are now living exclusively in two rooms of the house, the kitchen and the bedroom. And the only thing in the kitchen is his office equipment and plastic tableware. Our refrigerator holds provolone cheese and a Kaiser roll, and the freezer has one ice cream bar that I very seriously doubt will be there by the end of the day. Ditto with the 2 swiss cake rolls left in the pantry.

Happy, happy news. My friend Shelli closed with her husband on their new home. My hubby and I went to the furniture store with them to see their new living room set. Very sassy and sophisticated. I can’t wait for fun movie nights and playing board games over there.

Sad, sad news. My request to cut my hours at my job in order to have one day a week off (don’t think I actually mentioned it blogging, but this past week has been filled with tense board and boss discussions over this) has been denied. There was a concession made to change my work schedule to work a couple days out of the house. I agreed to this with the understanding that I would be getting some HELP in my job as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’s just putting a band-aid over a bullethole. Right now, I’m flying solo in the office, and this has resulted in many a night of sobbing into my husband’s shoulder. I felt a bit vindicated as I asked my boss to research how other single-person offices do it, and every single one of them was like, “oh, no! After a year, we weren’t able to do it with a single person any more. We hired a second person.” So at least I know that I’m not crazy or just whiny.


Shelli said...

Um...I think you need to come to the "Canada Day" celebration happening at my house tonight. Actually...the first 1hr will be spent on Shaunas "Mary Kay Facial Party"...but the second half will be filled with WAY FUN Canada Day festivities. Sounds good EH?

7pm...Casa De Jones

(ps...you could just come at 8 if you want...since you've already done the Mary Kay thing.)

Karen said...

i totally forgot that it was canada day (interestingly enough, i actually did know that to begin with).

i'm going to run many errands this afternoon, but i may just drop by for some super-fun canada celebration!

Ellen said...