05 July 2005

the things we do for love...

so guess whose husband, on a whim, decided yesterday that he and his wife needed to purchase rollerblades? the same rollerblading activity that i am HORRIBLE at and dislike to no end...and told him so.

and guess which wife ended up crashing into the grass and dirt (thank goodness not the asphalt or approaching bridge, at least) at the park? oh, me!!

i now have a swollen lip (lower lip, not in the least angelina jolie-esque), tender nose (at least not broken), and very sore hip (looks like really bad rug burn, but at least the bruising isn't too bad...oh, yeah, just in time for my friend's wedding in florida, complete with all her ever-so-tan friends).

am trying to focus on the positive of "i'm glad i have a husband that enjoys doing stuff with me and trying new stuff." HE, of course, picked up rollerblading as if he skated out of the womb. after much discussion yesterday, we figured out which kid we each were at the rolling rink growing up. he was the kid "shooting the duck" under the limbo pole and dreaming of the day when he could be the one wearing the ref shirt and blowing the whistle. i was the kid eating cotton candy at the snack bar and scooting around in the turtle corral.

so which kid were you?


sarah j. said...

OH NO!!!! How not fun!
a) sorry about your mishap
b) ...I can't really picture you on roller blades....
c) but when I did picture you on roller blades, the picture kinda actually made me chuckle a bit....;)[love you!]
d) I was the one in the middle trying to turn circles with friends, and attempting to learn how to skate backwards [never did...]

Jaime said...

i'm so with you in the snack bar. i dig cotton candy. i never learned as a kid; gravel roads are not conducive to skating. :)

have a blast in florida! celebrate the color God made you!

Ellen said...