28 June 2005

Ahh, the wonderful smell of meat in one’s car the first thing in the morning.

When I got into my car this morning, I took a double-sniff. There was a distinct “meaty” smell wafting about. I looked over into the passenger seat to make sure that Hubby had not left McDonald’s bag from last night in the car. It would be very uncharacteristic of him, but as we’re moving in 2 days, and everything is chaos, stranger things have happened. I believe that my older sister once found a perfectly preserved fry in her car that she estimated had to be at least a few years old. Or perhaps it was my younger sister…but I digress.

Meat! I figured it was just leftover McD’s smell and went to get my allergy shot (which does not seem to be working at all, and I just reached the maximum dose, so I’m a bit depressed about it, but again, I digress). Got back in the car after the shot, and it was STRONGER! Lingering smells do not get stronger. Must investigate. Look at back seat. Nothing. Just two Wal-Mart bags…filled…with…dog food. Sweet Ol’ Roy Moist’n’Meaty dinner packets. Sonny refuses to eat any other kind. He even turns his nose up at the more expensive Purina brand. Must be Ol’ Roy. Stinky, meaty, yucky Ol’ Roy.

Am now disturbed that McDonald’s and dog food smell so similar.


Shelli said...

Not as bad as spoiled milk!

When working at the ranch one summer, I was driving back on Sunday for staff meeting with a little carton of milk in my hand and a donut. I put the milk in the cup holder...parked my car and RAN to the chapel. ONE WEEK LATER!!!!! Hello spoiled rotten milk smell!!! It almost made me, Luke Freeman and Jeff Reid trow up! It was VERY grose!

Shelli said...

thats "throw up"...not "trow up".

Karen said...

either way, that's disgusting.

Ellen said...