02 June 2005

On the way out to run some errands last night, hubby and I saw two men standing at the intersection down the hill holding a cross. I’ve seen a number of such people in my life carrying a cross as a witness tool and symbol of their Christianity. I had not, however, ever before seen a cross on wheels.

It was a big wooden cross, about 6 feet tall made of sturdy, rugged lumber with what looked like children’s training wheels attached. My first thought was, “how bizarre!” followed quickly by “how lazy!” chastising myself quickly with “how judgmental, Karen!” But I do have to say that it did seem a bit odd. The whole point of carrying a cross was (I thought) to exemplify how Christ suffered on the cross to destroy the great sin divide between us and God. And since last night, when I’ve tried to envision that long walk to Calvary, I find myself desperately trying to mentally remove two metal wheels from that vision.

My husband, ever the pragmatic, said, “If I was going to push a wheeled cross around, I think I’d make the wheels detachable so I could at least hide them.”

So I tried to think deeply about how it could be a symbol of how as disciples of Christ we are called into training to be like Him. In essence, He is the perfect Man, we are little men with training wheels. But, no, I still just think it was odd.


Shelli said...

I TOTALLY SAW THEM LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My judgemental thoughts were "hmmm...I think Jesus' cross was WAY bigger...they need to bump it up a notch".

Yah...I'm a sinner.

sarah j. said...

woah, you changed your template....that threw me for a loop!!

karen said...

yeah, i changed the template so i could include links to other people's blogs, but it's still not showing them, and i'm a computer ninny.

Ellen said...

I saw those guys once on my way to Joplin. They should put the wheels up in the cross like those rollerblade shoes.

Is that sacrireligious to say?

Jason can fix your blog, by the way. (I like the new template.)

Jason said...

Yea, I can fix your blog, and if you want me to I can do a complete face lift so it's cool like ellen's :). Just let me know how you want it to look or what you want fixed.

Karen said...

okay, i officially have to say that my brother-in-law rocks.

yes, please. i need help.