14 June 2005

there is a magical, magical word in our house.

that word is "carride!"

for those of you who have never met my doggy, sunny, he can be quite stubborn. especially when he is somewhere that he wants to be and i don't want him to be. one of his favorite activities is "stare at mommy until she stamps her foot because she's so frustrated then run to another spot and roll in my own poo".

but not when i yell the magic word. the world stops. sunny runs to the garage door and i have his FULL attention.

the magic word must be used sparingly lest it lose its effect. and every so often i have to follow up on the offer, usually just open the car door and let him jump around in circles then open it again to let him out--he thinks that he went on a 16 hour road trip.


Shelli said...

new template...again? Ok, I really liked the dots though...your moving...your changing your template...next thing we know...you'll be a blonde.

The only change happening in the world right now that I'm actually excited about is that Arby's got rid of that stupid Oven Mit thing. Praise the Lord!

...and my salvation. Gotta throw that in. I've never been much of a thunderbold dodger.

Karen said...

bill's theory has not proved true that they were slowly going to "morph" the Arby's hat into the mitt and no one would notice until 10 years from now when you'd look at the Arby's sign and say, "didn't that used to be a hat?"

sarah j. said...

Arby's?? What??

Yeah, liking the new template.....

Ellen said...

Sometimes I have to stare at you also to keep from rolling in my own poo.