13 March 2009

(Potential) Shark Jumpin' Friday

First off, for those of you who didn't know that I'm a big dorky Harry Potter fan, yes, yes I am.  I know...big surprise.

Second.  Oh,dear.  Bad e-a-r-l-y reviews on the upcoming movie.  (Of course, it was in The Sun, so...)  It's just that the HP books and movies are one of Bill's and my "things".  When we FIRST started dating, he hadn't read the books, and I made this offhand comment about, "Oh, you should read them...they're wonderful!"  And, of course, he ran right out and bought every one of them (it was right before Order of the Phoenix came out, I think) and devoured them in a week.  And he did indeed find them delightful.  And we've had fun HP date nights whenever the movies have come out ever since.  (That, and he knew that for the first 3 days after the books came out, he was not to expect me to cook, clean, or otherwise make eye contact lest I give away the plot.)  I feel a little better that the source for the rumor was The Sun. I mean, come on.

I would just be so sad if the series jumped the shark the SECOND TO THE LAST movie.

Can't be worse than the last two Pirates of the Carribean movies.

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