20 March 2009


I've asked a bunch of friends how I'll know when the Pea gets sick. They have all assured me that I'll just know. (With the rotovirus, it was pretty much a no-brainer when I saw the pile of poopy diapers stacking up.) Well, I think the Pea is a little under the weather with a cold. He's just been fussy, ***clingy***, and not sleeping well during his naps for the past couple days (this morning, he actually went down for his 2nd nap at 10:15--not good for his schedule, but, hey, if he needs the sleep...). Then, this morning, I noticed his nose was a little runny and (to put it politely as my friend Rachel does) his stomach "released their contents" into his diaper. Thankfully, no fever. And, other than the rough diapers, I would probably just think he's teething, but I've never heard of teething causing diarrhea. Of course, I also started a new food yesterday...carrots...if he had a food allergy, would the gastrointestinal impact be immediate (i.e. yesterday)?

Onto a more pleasant topic...two separate people have recently told me about this slow cooker website. And I'm SO excited about it. I've already printed off a few recipes. I love using my slow cooker, and I like that she's really honest about whether a particular recipe is good or kind of lackluster or blatantly gross.

Oh, and Happy First Day of Spring!


Megan said...

I think I'VE heard of a connection between teething and diarrhea. I'm pretty sure we even experienced that with Cooper. I figured it was a product of all the extra drooling, but I can't prove that.

I always know that I need to take my kids in if they've been fever-y and/or they've been very pitiful for more than 24 hours. I haven't been there with Henry, but what you're describing seems to meet the criteria for me.

About food allergies: it take a few exposures before the body starts exhibiting symptoms of an allergic reaction, because of the way our immune system and antibodies work. And more often than not, the symptoms are rashes/hives and the like rather than GI problems.

About fussy during naps, does Pea cry immediately when you lay him down? If so, this may indicate that he has ear infection(s) and dislikes the change in position & pressure it creates.

There's my two cents. Hope Pea feels better soon!

Karen said...

He's really just more clingy than anything else. There's no fever, and the diarrhea's been really mild, but I'll go ahead and call the nurses. As long as I'm holding him, he's his usual happy self. I really think it might be teething as he's the happiest when chewing on my knuckle, finger, or really just on anything period.

And on the naps, he actually goes down pretty well, but he wakes up after 30-45 minutes. This isn't really new. I just thought we'd gotten to the solid 1 hour stage, but it's looking like that's a negatory.

sara said...

My boys definitely had diarrhea when they were teething....all that extra drool. Do you have a teether you can put in the fridge? My boys always loved that. :)

Karen said...

Yep. I'll put one in. And I'm squeezing in some extra b-fing sessions to keep him hydrated. At least he seems to be getting a good nap in now.