11 April 2006


Well, it may mean that I am immature or infantile, but my favorite section of the library is the children's section. I always feel so judged and looked-down-upon in the adult section. I only check out fluffy chick-lit, and the reference desk staff always looks down their nose at me when I do.

But, oh, the children's section! I was going specifically to check out Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island (my life has been pretty cheerless as of late, and sometimes, when I'm in the "depths of despair", only Anne will help).

It was so nice to not feel judged. Granted, I was 3 times the size of any other person in that section, but they didn't care. They all just looked up from their books and smiled and went straight back to reading. They didn't try to peer at the title or the thickness of the book. No! They were just glad that they got their hands on "Olivia" before I did.


Sara said...

Very cute post. The only thing I check out in the adult section is the cookbooks with lots of colorful photos, and to be honest childrens' books are just prettier than boring adult books. Yes, that may make me immature, but maybe I am just full of life. (or I have a short attention span.)

Superchikk said...

I love the "Anne" books! I haven't read them in such a looong time, but you've inspired me to re-read them!

Kathryn Cottrell said...

My favorite are the Little House Series. But I have kids now, so I have a reason to go in there and look through books.

When I worked in our local High School library, I liked King Author stories, specifically "The Mists of Avalon" series.


Hannah said...

Don't feel bad my fave section is the kids section too!! I like your site by the way!

Karen said...

Thanks, Hannah! Cute baby.