04 April 2006

Fat Dog in a Little Boat

Well, Sunny has gone on his first official kayak ride. It was quite the sight to behold. He did fairly well...much better than I was expecting and braced for. Bill paddled him around the cove. And you will note as our realtor did upon first meeting him, "Well, there's a dog that hasn't missed a meal." Unfortunately, I am a bad doggy-mother, and he has missed many a walk. You will also note that he doesn't make eye contact with the camera. The vast majority of pictures that I have of him are either of him looking away from the camera or of his heiny.


Shelli said...

Wait a second??? Is that footage from the new "Indiana Jones" movie?

"Indiana Jones and Sonny: THE RIVER OF FEAR"

Karen said...

confusing, yes, i know.

he loves that hat.

Kathryn (Brown) Cottrell said...

OK...I've been reading ellen's blog for a while and absolutely HAD to stop in and say a big "HELLO!"

and how the heck are ya? Adoption worker? With who? I've got 3 now...5 yrs, 2 1/2 yrs, and 8 mos. Oldest and youngest are boys, the middle is a spit-fire of a girl (takes after her daddy...not that he's girly in any way :P)

Have you kept up with Ashley (Wilson) Newby? She just had a boy and they had to fly him down to Little Rock Children's. Haven't heard anything else. I need to call her mom or someone.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I was around :) Bye!

Superchikk said...

The first time we took our Jack Russells to the lake, they dove off in to go after some ducks. No sniffing, no wading, just bailed in. Good thing they were leashed. They would NEVER sit in a kyak like that!

flea said...

k i also found your link thru ellen's blog and i must say your dog is super cute (i'm a big, BIG animal lover), luv the pic