02 July 2009

What Would You Do Differently...

If you could re-do your college years?

I ran into two former classmates from my small, liberal arts alma mater (Go Gender Neutral, Ethnically Ambiguous, Non-militaristic Warriors!) this afternoon. One was a doctor. The other, his receptionist. As I drove away, I realized that there is absolutely nothing that I would change about my life right now. But if I could go back in time and relive those college days, I would:

1. Major in History, not Psychology
2. Start a petition to improve the cafeteria food
3. Put on my big girl panties and ask a few guys out my senior year (no, I'm not telling who)
4. Lay out in the sun and read every waking moment more
5. Join Phi Beta Kappa when I was invited (don't ask: it's a long, annoying story)
6. Watch more movies in my friend Finley's room (he had a ginormous T.V. and this crazy newfangled thing called a DVD player)

What about you? What would you do differently?


Laurie PK said...

If I could go back to school, I'd still major in Psychology! Or Business. Or Creative Writing. No, not Creative Writing -- that can be learned "on the job." But I might major in Communications or Biology or Life Skills for Any Situation.

Wait a minute -- I DID go back to college! My second degree is in Education....and yes, I'd do that again :-)

I've subscribed to your RSS feed (I agree with your earlier post: Thank you Google for creating it!), and look forward to reading more from you!


Karen said...

Hmmm...I wish I had known about the Life Skills for Any Situation option. :)