01 July 2009


I went by Plato's Closet this afternoon to sell back a few clothes that no longer fit, post-Pea.  My sister had warned me that they're picky about what they'll take, so I only took in things that were in good shape and (what I thought were) good brands.  J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Harold's, Express, Guess (okay, that one might be stretching it by a decade or two, but it was a super-cute jean jacket!).  Looking back, I should have gotten a clue when the guy walking in before me was wearing a trendy t-shirt with a band that was doing a reunion tour before he was born.  But I toddled in with a 20 pound Pea on one hip and 20 pounds of clothes in the other.

Second moment I should have gotten a clue...
Snooty 19 year-old guy checking me in (not to be confused with snooty 19 year-old guy standing in front of me or snooty 19 year-old guy standing behind me):  You're supposed to bring your items in lying flat in a bag or basket.

Me:  I'm sorry.  I didn't know.

S19YOGCMI:  Meh.

Final moment of shame (after running to Wal-Mart and back, with ice cream melting in the car and the Pea melting down in my arms)...
Snooty 19 year-old girl checking me out:  Ummm...yeah, we looked through your stuff, and we can't take any of it.  The styles are just so... (she trailed off with a look of disgust).

Me:  (((mortified look of shame)))

S19YOGCMO:  They were just so outdated...

Me:  (((praying she will STOP TALKING)))

S19YOGCMO:  Ummm...if you wait a little while longer, you might be able to bring the jeans back in as "vintage"...

Me:  (((grabbing the clothes...contemplating leaving them in the parking lot for wild animals to nest or burrow in)))

Oi.  That process made a form rejection in the publishing world look like a kiddie pool full of marshmallows and kittens.

Whatever happened to, "I'm sorry, but these items don't fit our inventory needs right now"?


Ashley said...

I had the same thing happen to me when we were living in Boulder about 6 years ago (also right after Titus was born). We were so broke that we couldn't even afford to go to the grocery store and I didn't even dream of spending money on clothes. I had nice clothes from college, however, so I thought I would sell some things in my closet to try to scrape up some money to buy a new outfit. I had the EXACT same thing happen. I felt so rejected--I thought I had good taste in clothes! (I guess I kept the things that were really cute or "current"--at least, that is what I told myself to make myself feel better.) I've never tried to resell my clothes since. I just donate them. :)

I have much better luck with my children's clothes. I guess they have better wardrobes than I do. ;)

Karen said...

I wish there was a Rhea Lana's for adults!!

sara said...

first of all, "guess", really?...you're killin' me.

second...I wish I would have known! I would have warned you. I've never gone in there, but my friends Melody and Emily have and they were rejected as well. Mel thought she was bringing in good stuff, all banana and gap as well...they are -C-RAZY!!

C. I feel for you the most, carrying a baby in...ugh, that is no bueno.

Karen said...


Okay, I actually do feel better if Mel and Emily got rejected by them because I think that they are great dressers. :)