04 August 2007

Dang ticks.

That's right. My dog has both Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (how could a place so nice bring us a disease so nasty??) and Ehrlichia. And I would first like to say that, despite what it says on many internet info fact sheets about the diseases, a tick does not have to feed on your dog for 2-3 days in order for the illness to be transmitted. We keep Sonny pretty well "frontline"d, and the most time that a tick has spent on him would be under an hour, if that. Sunny's vet (the wonderful Dr. K) confirmed this. He's seen a lot of cases lately where the same tick seems to crawl around and bite several times, thus transmitting the disease.

But Sunny's enjoyed some perks to being ill, and so I give you...

The Top 7 Things Sonny Will Miss About Being Sick:
7. His mommy following him around checking on him and pampering him.
6. Napping all day without feeling guilty (oh, wait, he does that even when he's feeling fine.)
5. Morning yogurt probiotic drink with his mum.
4. Going out to go pee-pee 15 times a day.
3. Weekly visits with Dr. K who gives him kissies on the head.
2. That funny look dad and mom get on their faces when the vet bill comes.
1. Hot dogs filled with antibiotics and prednisone (he just doesn't realize they're in there.)

Vive el Santino!

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