28 November 2006

Blessings and Random Thoughts

Well, after emotionally vomitting on my readership, I decided to let you know about some of the huge blessings in my life right now:

1. After my car was smashed up, I got a new car which I like very much. It is silver and pretty, and we got an amazing deal on it. Even the guy in the revenue office who issued me my tags made a comment on what a good deal we got.

2. I've been going to physical therapy for my back issues as a result of the wreck, and it's been working. I really do feel better than I did, and the PT has taught me a lot of good stretches, etc. that I can do at home.

3. No baby = more time with my husband. I've really had to struggle not to be sour grapes about the whole lack of pregnancy thing (and this probably sounds like sour grapes), but this is really true. Every weekend that we just laze around in bed doing nothing all day but watch movies and eat pizza, I consciously think, "I will not be able to do this once/if a squirtlet arrives." Also, as my wonderful hubby has pointed out, we've been given this time to really know that we want to be parents and prepare for it.

4. Roof leak--gotta be honest with you, I don't see any positives or blessings coming out of this other than that we have good homeowners' insurance and much of it will be covered (oh, and it wasn't wind or hail damage, so hopefully we'll have a smaller deductible.)

5. Everyone in our families is in good health.

6. Sunny has not peed on the carpet in several months.

7. I've been feeling creatively inspired lately, which hasn't been the case in a long time.

8. Also, with all of these, I feel very, very blessed that I've been able to take some time off from working and just get everything done and focus some attention on my marriage and our home.

So that's my life in a nutshell right now.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH FOR YOU!!!! I'm glad that you can notice the wonderful blessings surrounding you. You are definitely a blessing to all of us.