21 November 2006

The Answer to "Where Have You Been?"

Sorry for the absence. I give you:

Why Karen Has Not Posted in a Long Time

1. I was in an accident at the end of October and my car was totaled.

2. I have been in Physical Therapy for back pain as a result of said accident (don't worry...I'm okay--just annoying and frustrating more than anything).

3. About a week after accident, a roof leak was discovered in our house with resulting ruined wall and mold forming.

4. I have been dealing with myriad people regarding the above two incidences: insurance agents, auto adjustors, health adjustors (hisss), doctors, physical therapists, roofers (oh the roofers), auto salespeople, auto finance people, more insurance agents, gutter contractors, general contractors, mold remediation specialists, health insurance providers, more insurance agents, assessor's office, collector's office, revenue office, and yet more insurance agents.

5. Hubby and I hit the one year mark of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. It's depressing to me.

6. We're going on a cruise in a week and a half, and while that has nothing to do with why I haven't kept up my posts, it is a bright spot that I would like to share.

7. Sunny the diabolical fiend has kept me tied up in a chair for the past month and only lets me loose to go the bathroom and give him food...ha ha, this is especially funny if you know how un-bright my dog is.


Shelli said...

So...did you get a new car?

...and I'm OH so excited about your cruise. A much needed break (although with family) indeed.

Karen said...

Oh, my goodness--our car is such a blessing! We found a 2005 Accord with 8500 miles on it! And it was cheaper than a lot of the older cars with more miles. Even the guy at the Revenue office made a comment about what a good deal we got!

Kat said...

Haha...I was feeling so sorry for you until I read #6!

I'm glad for the new car, I have always loved the Accord. Ok, little jealous.

Keep you in my prayers! Kat

Ellen said...

As long as you bring that cheesecake for Thanksgiving, I don't care what you drive. har har har

Shelli said...

And what color is the car? A picture would be nice...I need a "visual".