04 September 2009

Shout Out Friday!

Yeah, I'm starting this...it may or may not last.

Shout out to Sara for introducing me to Alf's Natural Nutrition Puffed Brown Rice.  $1 for a bag of it.

What it is:  Whole brown rice

What it is not:  Anything else whatsoever


sara said...

Did AJ tell you about those or did I? I'm losing my mind.

Isn't that awesome?? The $1 bag will last your forever!! I wish I would have had those right away when I first started Sawyer on puffs.

Karen said...

Okay, I guess technically A.J. did. But you still get a shout out for discovering them.

Ashley said...

So...what exactly do you do with them?

Karen said...

Eat them. Just like Cheerios or puffs. :)