11 August 2009

A Word of Advice for Dating in the Dark Contestants

Just show up on the balcony.

He may be shorter than you. She may have a big forehead.

Isn't an awkward hug with a limo ride better than the "...but his teeth weren't straight enough" walk of shame? It's not like you're agreeing to marry the person. Just ditch them by e-mail a week later. If they end up being a stalker, you can sue the network. There you go, a win-win.

The only excuse that doesn't make you look like a shallow harpy? He was too handsy/she was moving too fast. Or we had nothing in common...I wouldn't care if he was Brad Pitt.

Seriously. Just show up on the balcony.

On a related note, Glee, your fall premiere cannot come too soon.


sara said...


Karen said...

Oh, oh! Can we have a Glee party? CAN WE HAVE A GLEE PARTY??

Megan said...

I guess I need to check out this Glee that you speak of.

And on the DITD stuff, I couldn't agree more. It makes them seem shallow on a show that's otherwise surprisingly not as shallow as I expected. And its funny to me that those who don't go to the balcony have to walk down that 40 degree pitch, long-a driveway of death in their 2 inch heels.

Karen said...

Seriously! Can they not wait until the end of the driveway to break up?

Karen said...

You can check out the Glee pilot on hulu. :)

sara said...

yes Glee party, yes please.

Shelli said...

seriously - show up and then leave off camera - its humiliating!