20 December 2007

And the World's Ugliest Turkey Award goes to...


So I had some dear friends over on Monday: Jason and Jaime, Shelli and Justin, Meg and Chris, Dave and Sarah. And I was in charge of the turkey. One thing.

I roasted it upside down.

It tasted okay, but imagine this scenario:

Justin (kindly carving the turkey)--Hey, heh heh, this turkey doesn't seem to have too much meat on it.

Bill--Hmm, maybe that spot, or that spot.

Justin (beginning to sound really worried looking at the 2 cups total of turkey meat on the platter)--Umm, no, it really doesn't seem to have much meat on it.

Bill--What on earth? Karen?

Me--I bought a 20 pound Butterball! Oh, no, I bought a dud turkey!

Justin--No, wait. It's just upside down.

That's right. My mom forgot to mention that very key step...Make sure that the turkey is right side up. (But she and my friend Sara did a shout-out job of teaching me how to season and prepare it!)


jaime said...

you forgot to mention that it was still deliciously juicy--perhaps even more so because you goofed!

when i told my mom, she thought you did it on purpose!

Hillary said...

hehehe! I made my first turkey a while back, and I, too, roasted it upside down! It's not exactly obvious which way it goes! But who cares, at least it was yummy! :)

sara said...

That's funny...I didn't think to mention that...but thanks for the shout out!! I'm glad it turned out yummy...which is all that really matters. ;) Have a wonderful Christmas !!!

Kristi said...

I always roast my turkeys upside down specifically b/c it makes them stay moist! So now you know, roast upside down and then flip over before cutting! :)