12 December 2006

More Cruise Pics

Because there's nothing more fun than looking at pictures of other people's vacations:

The Flying Dutchman from Dead Man's Chest on Disney's Island

There were roosters all over the ports of call. This one was in Key West. Like pigeons but louder.

The Disney "Hooray for Everything" Dancers kicking off the cruise. There was this one particularly infectious song from "High School Musical" that they played constantly. The shot is actually of the big screen TV on the top deck that they would show movies on during the day and sports games at night

Bill and I getting ready to go to the fancy restaurant on board. The waiter actually refused to bring Bill what he originally ordered because it didn't taste good enough in his opinion. (The waiter ended up bringing Bill some of the original order on the side...and he was right, his recommendation was better)

All of us gussied up:


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...Owen is SO big!

Sara said...

Woot, woot for cruises. That looks like so much fun, and you all look so posh in your dress-ups.

Kat said...

"Woot, woot" for you girl...you're lookin hot! :) heh, can I say that?

Looks like you had a great time!

Hillary said...

Wow, looks like so much fun! LOVE the pirate ship pic. And your dress. And btw, that pink top? I have the same one (and the one in brown!)!

I'll join in the chorus and say, "woot woot!"