26 June 2003

Hello. Well, I suppose that I am the latest to fall victim to this blog thing. In true Academy fashion, I'd like to thank Ellen (sugar in the raw) for leading me down this broadcast journaling path.

First of all, I'm beginning this on a day when nothing of interest has happened, which is really the only way that I could get it started, timewise.

I work at a community counseling center where I am a trained monkey for hire, basically clerically whoring myself out for good references but little pay. Today, for instance, my big project was to measure all the counselors' desks using a foot-long ruler to make sure that they could find office space big enough for said desks if they move locations in the future.

I don't know how to set up my comment engine, but I'm looking forward to that. It seems like it would probably be more gratifying, even, than the little mail icon that pops up on my computer screen and which I often have to casually place my hand over to keep from getting the evil eye by my supervisors.

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